Freelance Wine Trade Professional
Grape Slayin' since ‘04

On-trade, off-trade, producer or consumer; whatever your relationship to wine and whatever your enquiry, feel free to get in touch!

Working internationally with influential clients within the wine trade for so many years, the chances are the reach of my work has already impacted you in some way…which is a pretty damn cool to lay claim to! My career has taken me across the globe contributing to the growth, unity and strength of the trade I love so much and long may it continue…

With the integrity of my experience and reputation, a rising number of wine trade and consumers are getting in touch for advice on the evolving global wine market and assistance on bespoke projects. Having recently joined the creative and vibrant community of Southsea, it seemed the perfect time to set up a hub to consolidate my freelance trade portfolio and launch a new project collaborating with the awesome local businesses of Southsea. I’ll be hosting lively wine tasting events in an inclusive and un-intimidating setting as, let’s be honest, wine makes most things in life just a little bit better! There’s also no harm in keeping the booming craft beer movement in Southsea on it’s toes! Keep an eye on the @Southsea_wine_siren instagram for upcoming tastings and events!

Wine Lovers Ahoy!

Wine can be an intimidating subject- SO much choice, seemingly indecipherable labels…it can feel overwhelming. But if you have a nose, taste buds and an opinion then, in the words of Charlie Sheen, you’re already ‘winning’. To put it bluntly, either you like the wine you’re drinking…or you don’t…fermented grapes shouldn’t be a source of anxiety! Lack of knowledge doesn’t preclude enjoyment and sharing a bottle encourages us to appreciate being in the moment, enhancing social experience and general well-being. All things considered, wine is damn good for the health- that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Well, I ain’t dead yet and I’m definitely smiling.

Want a hand identifying which wines you enjoy and expanding your palate…? Hosting an event and want to blow the socks off your guests with an inimitable food and wine pairing they’ll be banging on about for the next decade? Get in touch!

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